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Bocca di Lupo is an Italian trattoria with an international reputation. Tables are booked months in advance by diners from around the world who are seeking chef Jacob Kenedy’s unique take on Italian cuisine. This cookbook includes 250 sumptuous photographs of Italy and Kenedy’s delectable dishes. Click here to purchase at half price. Limited time offer.

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Chile Pepper Book (PB 01/01/1994)

Retail: $9.95Our Price: $3.9860% Off!

Item Sku: HS405P

Item is: In Stock

Gourmet Ireland 2 (PB 03/01/1998)

Retail: $18.95Our Price: $5.0074% Off!

Item Sku: R704P

Item is: In Stock

Cuisines Of Hidden Mexico (PB 11/01/1995)

Retail: $16.95Our Price: $5.9865% Off!

(1 Customer Review)

Item Sku: S511P

Item is: In Stock

New Kitchen Idea Book (PB 10/04/2005)

Retail: $19.95Our Price: $5.0075% Off!

Item Sku: 341060

Item is: In Stock

Joy Of Truffles (HC 12/01/1998)

Retail: $35.00Our Price: $9.9871% Off!

(2 Customer Reviews)

Item Sku: 00000

Item is: In Stock

Wolfgang Puck's Pizza, Pasta and More! (HC 11/01/2000)

Retail: $35.00Our Price: $12.9863% Off!

(1 Customer Review)

Item Sku: 00576

Item is: In Stock

Jim Coleman's Flavors (HC 09/14/2001)

Retail: $25.95Our Price: $9.9862% Off!

Item Sku: 02165

Item is: In Stock

Potsticker Chronicles:America's Favorite Chinese Recipes: A Family Memoir (HC 01/16/2004)

Retail: $27.50Our Price: $12.9853% Off!

Item Sku: 05021

Item is: In Stock

Italian Slow And Savory (HC 09/30/2004)

Retail: $40.00Our Price: $14.9863% Off!

(2 Customer Reviews)

Item Sku: 06225

Item is: In Stock

Bruce Aidells's Complete Book Of PorkA Guide To Buying, Storing, And Cooking The World's Favorite Meat (HC 10/06/2004)

Retail: $29.95Our Price: $9.9867% Off!

Item Sku: 06467

Item is: In Stock

The 150 Best American RecipesIndispensable Dishes From Legendary Chefs And Undiscovered Cooks (HC 08/16/2006)

Retail: $30.00Our Price: $12.9857% Off!

Item Sku: 09304

Item is: In Stock

French Delicacies - Desserts (HC 09/03/1999)

Retail: $29.95Our Price: $12.9857% Off!

Item Sku: F125

Item is: In Stock

Essential Mosimann (HC 01/01/1993)

Retail: $50.00Our Price: $9.9880% Off!

Item Sku: FM519

Item is: In Stock

Vanilla (SP 04/01/1995)

Retail: $9.95Our Price: $4.9850% Off!

Item Sku: HS411

Item is: In Stock

Eat! Eat!Wonderful Recipes From The Old Country Like My Mother Used To Make (HC 03/01/1995)

Retail: $20.95Our Price: $5.9871% Off!

Item Sku: J485

Item is: In Stock

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