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Margaux Sky, whose Art Café and Bakery in San Luis Obispo has drawn major media attention for her wonderful fare, now shares the secrets of her success. Beginning with basic white, wheat, and sweet bread dough, Sky shows you how to make the best breads and sandwiches in America. Click here!

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Bocca: Cookbook

Bocca di Lupo is an Italian trattoria with an international reputation. Tables are booked months in advance by diners from around the world who are seeking chef Jacob Kenedy’s unique take on Italian cuisine. This cookbook includes 250 sumptuous photographs of Italy and Kenedy’s delectable dishes. Click here to purchase at half price. Limited time offer.

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Try Our Very Own Biscuit Brand Coffees™

Drink good coffee! We specialize in single origin arabica coffees.

First Coffee Roasting Image Second Coffee Roasting Image Third Coffee Roasting Image OUR MISSION

We offer the best possible coffee to people with discriminating palates. We ensure this high quality by artisanally, hand roasting the world's best beans at our own roastery and shipping to you the very same day to guarantee freshness.

For a complete list of our coffees, click here.

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How did Biscuit Brand Coffees™ Come to Be?

My wife and I are "coffee lovers," long obsessed with a good cup of coffee. Throughout our travels, wherever we found ourselves, in small coffee houses across the country or across the ocean, in renowned restaurants of famed cities, in small bars, bistros and cafes in the middle of nowhere, and in our haunts close to home, we found memorable cups that formed the backdrops of our experiences. We savored these, first on our palates, and later in our memories.

The fragrant recollections that connected us to these places lingered, as did our disappointment that these quality cups were too few and far between. Our appreciation of great coffee experiences, and our desire to bring them to you is what fueled our quest. It marked the beginning of a fascinating adventure that has reached across countries, cultures, and cuisines to culminate in Biscuit Brand Coffees™. We believe that our exciting offerings of micro-roasted specialty coffees are some of the finest in the world.

Biscuit Brand Coffees™ specializes in single origin arabica coffees, selected from the finest beans in the world and hand roasted in small batches to derive the maximum flavor, aroma, and complexity from each bean. We roast and ship the very same day, to guarantee that your coffee will always be fresh. For those interested in home roasting, most of our single origin selections are also available in green beans. The coffees we offer change seasonally, and as we respond to new finds, changing harvests, and conditions. We are happy to join the many notable artisan coffee roasters around the country who, in pursuing this time-honored culinary craft, are raising the appreciation and availability of quality coffee. At Biscuit Brand Coffees™ we roast to make the coffee rituals in your corner of the world more memorable and satisfying.

—David Strymish

How do we choose the coffees we roast?

Only a few beans make our cut. We use sustainably grown coffees that possess the terroir of their own regions to ensure exquisite and distinctive coffee. Our primary concern is to obtain the highest quality beans and to deliver them super fresh to our customers. Coffee farmers benefit as well, by receiving a higher price for their quality beans. The truth is that the price paid to our farmers is higher than many certified coffees. We believe that our philosophy offers more incentive for growers to produce higher quality.

Our hand-roasting drum process respects the beans.

We hand-roast our beans in small batches using a drum roaster. We believe that this is simply the best method of roasting coffee beans. It is the most gentle form of roasting and results in the fullest body, while maintaining the essential oils of the individual bean. Each type of bean naturally benefits from a distinct temperature and roast time to best draw out its individual characteristics. We spend countless hours roasting and re-roasting to find the perfect roast profile to deliver great flavor. The result = Coffee Nirvana. Or, as renowned chef Ana Sortun has dubbed our coffee, "love in a cup."

Sumatra Mandheling Pwn - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Guatemalan Huehuetenango- Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Sulawesi (Celebes) - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: On Order

Costa Rica Tarrazu Miel - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Java - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Papua New Guinea AA - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Decaffeinated Espresso Blend - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Espresso Blend-Southern Style - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock

Espresso Blend-Northern Style - Roasted12 Ounce Bag

Our Price: $7.99

Item is: In Stock